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Today is “BAD” World BLOG ACTION DAY

October 15, 2009


When we realized that today was “BAD” Blog Action Day, our thoughts immediately reflected to Environmental damage being done in El Salvador by “Pacific Rim” a Canadian mining company. Shame on us as Canadians!


Very recently, in El Salvador(located South of Guatemala) high grade gold has been discovered within the region of Cabañas. Since the discovery of this gold site, Canadian mining companies (such as Pacific Rim) have set their sights on this precious land.What Pacific Rim is not veiwing, however, is the enviromental and socio-economincal effects which metal mining produces on such terrain. Metal mining is one of the biggest industrial pollutants, and WILL cause major effects on the enviroment. UNES (Ecological Society of El Salvador) have done research on the methods of extraction which Pacific Rim will be using, and the effects it will have on the enviroment and the society. Such effects include,-Acid Drainage. (runoffs from mines contaminating water)-Acid Rain.-Drop of pH levels in water.-Water shortages due to pumping from mines.-Damages to the health of the whole population.-Damages to soil.-The effects which the chemicals used in mining will have on the human body. (Such as the skin, eyes and lungs)-etc.The enviromental effects will have many negative contributions to the socio state and well being of the communities in Cabañas. The health and environmental effects are serious, and the jobs that will be opened for the public will not cover the cost which the population will face with these environmental effects. Canadian metal companies will not be helping the people, instead they produce more harsh realities which the people will be facing daily, such as toxic drinking waters and polluted air.Along with the enviromental effects which mining will have on the region, the social effects will catastrophic. El Salvador is already suffering a great deal from poverty and violence (85 percent of the population is living under what the UN calls a “decent wage”), and when you include the pollution of drinking waters, of agricultural land, and the many health disorders that mining will cause to the people, it is odvious that metal mining will not benefit the communites, and will only cause more critical obsticals on the population.Furthermore, the metal mining will not only have effect on the region of Cabañas and Chalatenango. El Salvador, being a small country, can and will be easily contaminated. It will be easy for acidic water to make its way through water ways (such as the Rio Lempa River) and acid rain. The Lempa Rio is the main source water supply for most of the country. And Acid Rains EASILY spread, especially considering the fact that El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America. Acid rains, may also make their way north into the neighboring country of Honduras and Guatemala. At extreme, it may even be seen in Mexico, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.Canadian Goverment and the Canadian mining corporations are WELL AWARE of the effects of mining, and the harm it will have on the communites. Instead of listening to the oppostion against mining (recently, 15 000 people from Cabañas have gone to the capital to protest against Pacific Rim), these Canadian mining companies have created an illusion of “Green Mining”, which when looked into, does not exist, and is only a successful way of prommoting their company.Due to the CAFTA Free Trade Agreement, a variety of Canadian and American companies are allowed to spread their buisnesses into Central America, contributing to negative impacts of Central America. The CAFTA agreement is allowing for the company (Pacific Rim) to seek arbitrations and forcefully try to gain their mining permits, and making moves which solemnly benefit the company.Instead of allowing this to happen, and allowing the voice of the Salvadorian people to be ignored, join this group and invite whoever you can to join. Canada has been causing many devasting problems to communities world wide. Invite as much people as you can, and spread awareness of this crime which is being committed.
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