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New Year’s Wishes for Solidarity and Prosperity

January 1, 2010


We wish everyone who visits our website from time to time a wonderful and healthy New Year.  Thank you for getting to know us.  Our hope in  this New Year is that those of us who are constantly being defeated by unfair  political practices, the ravages of the elements and being unable to be self sufficient , 2010 will gradually bring about positive change. 

Daniel and I are working towards a smashing show for a month this summer at the Green Door.
Exciting things happened this year.  Daniel’s daughter started working  with us.  Her expertise has been more than valuable and we love working with her.
Awhile ago, a good friend of Daniel’s asked us for help so we took on the challenge of helping a fellow artist in El Salvador.   Jaime battles his physical limitations but that does not stop him from continuing on with his pieces of folk art and sending them to us to sell for him.  These are very unique pieces. 
Danielita volunteered a day of hard work in the studio photographing Jaime’s work and producing a poster to promote Jaime’s art.  Sales have picked up and we are hoping to report that we are sold out.  That is definitely music to an artist’s ears.! 
This past year was busy for Daniel with his music , the Salvadorian community and Church work .  Those of you who know Daniel know he doesn’t do anything in small measures.     It is always with heart and soul.  We are hoping to introduce to our website in the next year some videos of Daniel’s orginal music. It is special.
Again, we extend a happy and healthy  New Year to everyone who visits our website.  We invite you leave comments which of course inspires us to continue sharing our journey together through Harmony Hopes!
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