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victorpennyblogVictor Fuentes and Penelope Globe are two Ottawa artists and best friends who share a common goal to organize events and raise funds through the sale of their art.  All proceeds are donated to support Cal-Pipil in El Salvador which Victor was instrumental in creating.  The youth house is a meeting place for youth to learn to express themselves through the arts.  Programs have been setup in music, art and drama. 

Contact Us:

 Victor came to Canada from El Salvador with his family as refugees in 1990.  El Salvador is the smallest Spanish speaking nation in the Western hemisphere, situated on the Pacific coast of Central America.  This country has been ravaged by endless civil war, natural disasters and continued unjustices to  rights of humans, but the spirit of their people is strong.

Having a passion for “The Arts” Victor is a creative musician, songwriter, theatrical writer/director, traditional dancer, poet, contemporary acrylic artist and teaches Spanish to people who volunteer their services to work on humanitarian projects in El Salvador.  Victor is the co-founder of the art group “Harmony Hopes” and is instrumental in organizing the Annual Harmony Hopes Art Exhibition to raise funds for the Youth House, Cal-Pipil in San Salvador.
Victor is a strong advocate for change in social and economic justice and development in El Salvador which inspires him to write poetry and music relating to the continued injustices to his countrymen.
Penelope Globe
Penelope was born, raised and educated in the southern Ontario town of Grimsby.  She went North with the Anglican Church and worked seven years in the remote Native community of Chisasibi (formerly Fort George) located on the upper eastern coast of James Bay.  It was while doing her isolated Northern venture that she started to quilt.  Upon moving to Ottawa, found a whole new meaning to her craft.  While traditional quilting was her strong point for many years, she has been strongly influenced by the Salvadorian artist Victor Fuentes.  She has shifted her focus to story quilts, hand painting and dyeing her own fabrics and making her work unique, one of a kind and maker of smiles. Penelope has teamed up with Victor to exhibit the blending of their two art forms from their perspective cultural backgrounds.  
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  1. Elsy Fuentes permalink
    January 11, 2009 12:29 pm

    We need to see the picture of both of you…….

    • Penny Globe permalink
      January 14, 2009 9:14 pm

      Si, this will be done, along with introducing some Spanish, once I get my Spanish friend to do a little bit of translation for me. Jejejejeje! Please enjoy our new website and always give us feedback with information or suggestions on what we could post. We want to make the website interesting and exciting for people to come back to on a regular basis.

  2. Kim Neals permalink
    January 27, 2010 11:35 pm

    I met Victor today in my criminology class (he was a guest speaker) and I was moved so much by meeting him that I sat at my dinner table that same evening, with my children and my partner and cried as I explained his story and the feelings I had while hearing him speak.

    I was honoured to have met him, and humbled beyond words.

    Thank you Victor, for surviving, for speaking.

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